We have a proven track record for supporting individuals and SME developers in achieving their development aims on sites suitable for single dwellings or small housing schemes.

Whether you are seeking to build your own home or develop your site with several new houses, we understand the challenges and benefits these smaller schemes can present. We provide friendly, frank and informed planning assistance.

looking for a site?

Whilst we don’t function as land agents, we can provide services that will help to focus your search and guidance on what attributes to look for. We have developed effective mapping systems which can help you find suitable areas for development. Once you find a potential site our effective site appraisals can help you make informed decisions on the likelihood of securing planning permission.

own a site?

If you already own a site, our expert team can help maximise your chances of securing permission by providing thorough site analysis; formulating an effective strategy; negotiating planning policy; and enabling our clients to present the most robust case for their development. We have worked on a wide range of schemes including those outside settlement boundaries and paragraph 55 dwellings.

2 minute planning question and answer form


We understand the services required by an individual housebuilder are different to that of a developer. We work tirelessly to support our clients every step of the way; from carrying out initial feasibility studies on the site; to presenting the most robust arguments for the development; and working closely with the local authority to help maximise your chances of getting a planning permission.

Examples of our projects for single homes in urban settings include: a bespoke architectural dwelling in a conservation area; the redevelopment of a garage site into a contemporary "mini grand design"; a stunning barn conversion and extension; and approval secured for a dwelling outside the settlement boundary.   MORE


Following the introduction of the Self-Build and Custom Housebuilding Act 2015, self-build is being seen as a potential solution to the current housing crisis. Offering self-build units can help unlock a difficult site, and some of our project examples include: 2 self-build homes outside the settlement boundary; 13 dwellings in a rural setting; 4 self-build homes at appeal; and 7 new homes just outside the village boundary.  MORE

For planning support with your project, contact the Plainview Planning team to see how we can best assist you in your self-build and development aims.