From site analysis and barn conversions, to 'Paragraph 80' dwellings and housing outside the settlement boundary; we bring experience, insight and pragmatism to rural development projects.


Understanding the viability of your site is key to evaluating its development potential and the opportunities and risks associated with a prospective application. We prepare detailed site feasibility studies, to help our clients make an informed decision on development options and provide strategies for moving forward, such as whether a planning application is appropriate or if a ‘land promotion’ strategy would be more effective.

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Barn conversions can prove an effective means of housing development by bringing an existing yet dilapidated building back into use. Whilst recent national policy initiatives have sought to make the process easier under changes to the GPDO, such conversions are subject to many conditions dependent on size, location and the extent of the building structure that can be reused.

Examples of our project work include: successful appeal for a listed barn conversion despite previous refusals on site; architect designed barn conversion and extension to create a stunning family home.  MORE


Local Plans often seek to resist development outside defined settlement boundaries, yet national guidance simply states that isolated homes should be avoided. If your site falls outside the boundary line, it may not mean that development is automatically refused. Our team are experienced in setting out the relevant material considerations in support of development outside the settlement boundary and in ensuring that correct weight is given to the key issues in the decision making process.

We have had numerous successes and project examples include: a self-build development of 4 dwellings; 7 homes outside a village settlement; 105 market and affordable dwellings; a successful appeal for 4 contemporary dwellings; and a replacement dwelling.   MORE


Live/work units can play an important part in boosting the vitality of communities and economies. However, such schemes in rural locations require careful consideration, presentation and negotiation. We understand the sensitivities surrounding rural development and the careful balance that needs to be struck between respecting local character and ensuring the future of rural towns.

Project examples include an innovative live/work development for a creative collective.   MORE


A “Paragraph 80” home (previously described as Paragraph 55 and Paragraph 79) is shorthand for an exceptional and innovative rural dwelling that is permitted even though the site may be isolated. The policy test is immensely challenging but we have worked on several such schemes, including: a paragraph 79 dwelling in Horsham; a stunning replacement dwelling in the green belt; and we garnered support for an exceptional and innovative family home.   MORE


Our team are experienced at promoting land as potential strategic development sites into emerging and existing local plans. We can manage your representations and help to maximise your chances of inclusion. We help our clients get the best development options for their site and our experience is extensive. Examples include: 105 homes in a sustainable location; promoting a site for 850 homes; and a site for 90 market and affordable homes.   MORE

Alternatively, you may find land promotion is the most effective route for developing your land and our team can advise you of the best route to take. Whilst it is a long term commitment we offer a variety of services and packages and help landowners and you can find out more about our full range of land promotion services here:   Context.Land

Our team of planning consultants and urban designers provide effective planning support on rural housing schemes, with their knowledgeable and practical approach to each unique project.


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