The purpose of the planning system is to enable sustainable development by ensuring that it provides an economic, social and an environmental role. Whilst the aims of the planning system are clear, each housing scheme is unique and requires a tailor made response and strategy.

From design, density and amenity issues through to affordable housing contributions and S106 agreements; there are a wide range of national and local policy requirements which need to be identified and negotiated.

Our knowledgeable team of planning consultants guide our clients every step of the way through the planning process, applying their strategic analysis, commercial awareness and experience to each individual development scheme.

  • + Rural Housing

    From barn conversions to 'Paragraph 80' dwellings and large-scale housing projects, we bring experience and insight to rural schemes.

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  • + Urban Housing

    Single dwellings to large-scale strategic development for mixed-use residential schemes, we provide informed planning support every step of the way.

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  • + Self-Build

    We successfully assist developers and individual home owners in maximising their site potential by pursuing the route of self-build.

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  • + Student Housing

    Whether you are a landlord, independent developer or a University, we can help you present the best planning case for student developments.

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  • + Retirement & Care Housing

    From annexe accommodation to care homes, we can help you make the best case for your proposed development.

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