Many Councils are preparing Local Plans, presenting an opportunity for landowners to get involved in the consultation process and promote their land to be included as a future development site.

Plainview Planning specialise in promoting land into Local Plan Site Allocations.  We can manage your representations to maximise chances of inclusion, and give ongoing advice on the National Planning Policy Framework (NPPF).

We can help coordinate and project manage your promotion efforts to ensure that the Council is provided with persuasive documentation about your site and the right groups are lobbied at the right time.

We regularly monitor the status of Local Plans, Strategic Housing Land Assessments (SHLAA), Strategic Housing Market Assessments (SHMA) and Site Allocation DPDs throughout the country and are well placed to guide you through the administrative and political process.


  • Commercial Land Promotion: Developing a 400,000ft2 Distribution Centre

  • Housing and Leisure: Redevelopment of a Brownfield Site and Pub

  • Large Scale Land Promotion: Making the Case for 1200 Homes in Essex