Plainview Planning works closely on a range of land promotion projects with our sister company Context Land. Established by our founders, Ian & Emily Woodward-Court, Context works with landowners on developments that are sensitive to their location and will benefit both existing and future communities.

Context funds the process of bringing suitable sites forward for development, both via acquiring planning permission or Local Plan site allocation. By partnering with landowners, Context takes on the financial risk by funding the elements necessary to gaining that valuable permission, bringing in experts where required for aspects such as surveying, ecology, design, landscape, transport & legal.

Generally these are longer term projects and there are certain criteria that do need to be met but Context are always happy to discuss potential sites and are always straightforward with their initial research and findings.

With successes in projects ranging from a 105 home development in Essex to a single rural dwelling in the Cotswolds, Context work closely with landowners to unlock the value of their site and meet local community needs for development.

More details on the land promotion process and how Context works can be found at


  • Commercial Land Promotion: Developing a 400,000ft2 Distribution Centre

  • Housing and Leisure: Redevelopment of a Brownfield Site and Pub

  • Large Scale Land Promotion: Making the Case for 1200 Homes in Essex