If you have been threatened with enforcement action it is vital that you do not ignore it. Once an enforcement notice takes effect, your options become limited. Remember that enforcement action is discretionary and in our experience, early intervention and negotiation is generally preferable to taking the case to appeal.


There are a range of enforcement powers available to Local Authorities. These include Enforcement Notices, Breach of Condition Notices, and Stop Notices. The correct planning strategy will depend on the actions already taken by the Council.


It is important to move swiftly and potential strategies may include:

  1. Submit a retrospective application; (read more)
  2. Submit a Certificate of Lawfulness application; (learn more)
  3. Negotiate with the enforcement officer; (read more)
  4. Enforcement appeal. (read more)

We handle a high volume of enforcement work and our experienced team can help you to identify the appropriate route and guide you through the process.


  • HMO enforcement withdrawn following appeal

  • Retrospective planning consent and enforcement

  • Certificate of Lawfulness and enforcement