Sometimes it is necessary to seek an Opinion from a barrister. This is generally only required where we need clarification on a point of law.

Some examples could be: (1) what impact a recent Court of Appeal decision may have on your project; or (2) whether an enforcement notice is legally enforceable. Other times we may reach out to barristers is if a case is going to a hearing inquiry. This is because it may well be that the barrister will represent you on the day, and therefore early input from the barrister will be essential.

Trying to find the right barrister for the job can be challenging and we are able to provide recommendations on a case by case basis. We regularly work with the industry leading chambers - Landmark and No5. Once a barrister has been identified, we will prepare a detailed brief for them. This will be a review of the case to date and raise the key questions. Focus and detail are vital for a successful counsel opinion.

The barrister will then generally invite us to partake in a telephone or on-site conference, followed by a written opinion.


  • Commercial Land Promotion: Developing a 400,000ft2 Distribution Centre

  • Housing and Leisure: Redevelopment of a Brownfield Site and Pub

  • Large Scale Land Promotion: Making the Case for 1200 Homes in Essex