Engaging with neighbours and the local community early on is vital to the success of many development projects. We can work with you to compose an appropriate strategy and manage the process from beginning to end.

The impact and value of public consultation and/or political lobbying on a scheme can be overlooked by developers and householder applicants alike.

Public consultation can be effectively undertaken via a public exhibition at a local venue, a simple letter drop or through social media campaigns.  All serve a similar purpose and that is to make sure that members of the public feel involved in the scheme and to show that you, as the applicant, are taking their views into consideration.

Political lobbying is a valuable tool and it is worthwhile remembering that elected councillors are there to serve their constituents, this works both in terms of objecting to and supporting an application. Having the support of local ward councillors can be the difference between receiving a planning permission or refusal. 


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