Carpenters Arms, Westrip - Future Options



The owners of the Carpenters Arms are keen to open discussions with the local community over the future of the pub.

The Carpenters Arms is struggling. Changes in drinking habits and its peripheral location present a day to day challenge to the ability of the pub to stay up and running. A viability report undertaken by industry specialists concludes that the pub is not viable.

The future of the pub is uncertain and the owners would like your input and feedback as they consider where to go from here. This is the beginning of what we hope will be a positive dialogue with the community and your feedback is vital at this early stage.


We would like to hear from you - please use the below questionnaire to provide your comments. We will review your initial thoughts and feedback which will inform where we go from here.

In due course, we anticipate holding a public consultation meeting to discuss your responses and potential options for future use, as a result.