So many of our projects start with the question - "What are my chances of getting planning permission?" It is a difficult question to answer immediately as planning is such a varied discipline with many factors to consider.

We commence all our projects with an initial development appraisal and feasibility study. Through this first stage review, our planners seek to provide you with considered and researched guidance on the feasibility of your development aspirations. To do this we look at a variety of factors, including the site planning history, its context, relevant local and national policies and then weigh these up against your development aspirations.

This initial review really helps to flag the potential pitfalls and positives of your site, and to inform a planning strategy for moving the project forward. It is a crucial stage in not only helping you to weigh up your options, but also in ensuring that if an application is pursued, that it is prepared in a way that gives it the best chance of success.

For this first stage detailed research, our considerations may include:

  • The site context and local facilities;
  • The planning history of the site;
  • National policy implications;
  • Local Council policy position and performance statistics;
  • Any emerging local or neighbourhood policies;
  • An overview of the principle of development;
  • A review of any major material considerations;
  • Research into relevant precedents;
  • Research into relevant case law;
  • An overview of opportunities and constraints;
  • Suggested strategies and risk profiles;
  • Proposed project timetable including indicative costings.

We will also seek input from other directors and managers at Plainview. Drawing upon our collective knowledge leads to much better advice.

After we have completed our research, we will line up a conference call to discuss our findings. If you would also like a written report this can be provided too.

Feel free to contact us and speak to Caroline about this process, how it might help your planning project and to get an idea of our fees for our development appraisals.


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