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Our compilation of a robust evidence base under restrictive time constraints has secured the future of 4 residential flats in London. Background: Following a visit by a planning officer and the receipt of a letter advising that they were in … Continued

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Our recent approval for a Certificate of Lawfulness for an existing residential dwelling, has secured residential use on a site in East Grinstead. The site has a complex history, and is part of a much wider scheme which will involve … Continued


We recently assisted a client with a Certificate of Lawfulness (CoL) application, to secure the use of a property in Barking as 4 x 1-bed flats.   The site had previously been converted into flats without planning permission. All four … Continued


We recently assisted a client by securing a Certificate of Lawfulness (CoL) for an existing use. The CoL sought to confirm that the lower ground floor of a house had been used continuously as a self-contained flat in excess of … Continued

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Plainview Planning recently stepped in at the last minute to assist an appellant who was out of their depth. The appellant had submitted an appeal following a refusal of a Certificate of Lawfulness for 3 flats in Hackney. The basis of the appellant’s … Continued


Plainview Planning have this week secured a Certificate of Lawfulness for a high-end audio company in Whittlesey, Cambridgeshire, enabling them to avoid enforcement action. The challenge: Our client ran a successful online audio business.  Whilst a central warehouse dealt with … Continued


This week Plainview Planning has obtained approval for the conversion of a building into 10 residential flats, in the London Borough of Harrow. The challenge: The flats had been converted without planning permission a number of years previously. However, unauthorised … Continued


Plainview Planning have recently helped a homeowner obtain a Certificate of Lawfulness application approval for a single dwelling in Hounslow, London. The planning problem: Our planning consultants were approached to assist as the dwelling, an outbuilding on a residential site, … Continued


We have noticed a significant increase in the number of clients enquiring about whether it is necessary to apply for a change of use for a Class A1 unit that is being used as a sandwich/snack shop, to a Class … Continued


Plainview Planning has successfully averted what could have been costly enforcement action for a mosque in Southwark. The mosque had been in breach of a number of conditions therefore a Certificate of Lawfulness (CoL) for an existing use was made, … Continued