Plainview Planning regularly promote land as potential strategic development sites on behalf of landowners and developers and offer a variety of services and packages.

We can work in a traditional consultancy role, but can also offer a Promotion Agreement.  This is where we would take on some or all of the risks but would be reimbursed once a planning allocation or consent is achieved.

Generally, Promotion Agreements are more attractive than developer Option Agreements as the parties work together to maximise the value of the land.  Under an Option Agreement, by contrast, the developer is motivated to maximise their own profit by purchasing the land from the owner as cheaply as possible.


  • Commercial Land Promotion: Developing a 400,000ft2 Distribution Centre

  • Housing and Leisure: Redevelopment of a Brownfield Site and Pub

  • Large Scale Land Promotion: Making the Case for 1200 Homes in Essex